The Lunar Knights Mining Club was founded in the summer of 2014. After attending the fifth annual NASA Robotic Mining Competition, our founder realized the amazing opportunities that the competition holds. It is through this drive of wanting to teach students more hands on experience, that the Lunar Knights team was born.

Mission Synopsis

The goal of our club is to create a robot to compete in a singular competition that occurs in May once a year. In this competition, robots are placed inside of an enclosed environment outfitted to resemble lunar soil. The robots are designed to loco-mote to a designated location that is safe to dig, dig down a set distance under the mars soil, and extract rocks out from the hole onto a deposition tray. The robots then are judged to see how fast they were able to do this, how many rocks they could obtain, how good the robots were at mitigating the amount of dust that was kicked up, etc...