NASA Lunabotics Engineering Competition


The NASA Lunabotics Engineering Competition (LEC) is a yearly competition that challenges university level students to design, build, and test a robot, or Lunabot in this case, that will traverse over a simulated moon environment made of Blackpoint-1 Regolith. The Lunabot will excavate under the BP-1 surface to collect a minimum of 1 kilogram of gravel representing icy-regolith, and deposit the collected regolith on the other side. This must be done within a ten minute time constraint and autonomously if possible. Over 50 universities around the country are competing in the event in May 2020 and we are proud to have the opportunity to represent UCF in this prestigious competition. In the previous 2019 season we scored 19th place overall and was the highest ranked team in Florida.

More information can be found on the NASA webpage.

Competition Categories

The Lunar Knights team will be competing in the following competition categories:

  • On Site Mining
  • Team Spirit and Sportsmanship
  • Systems Engineering
  • Slide-Presentation
  • Outreach

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